BlogNewsGamactica Completes Re-Branding, Restructuring

Gamactica Completes Re-Branding, Restructuring

It has been quite the busy few weeks here at Gamactica, but now we get to take a small breather to announce the completion of our company re-structuring and our re-branding. was launched back in 2018 as a simple blog website intended to promote any Twitch content. Eventually that evolved into a social platform with a number of search engines in the few years following, and they launched into a much bigger entity in 2020-2021.

Part of 2023 was exploring our strategy to develop and launch an accompanying live-streaming platform, which landed us at the name Disko.

During this time I had dedicated months in trying to diversify Gamactica’s audience and member base, beyond gaming and streaming. As we continued to diversify, it became more apparent that the name Gamactica simply wasn’t a fit for the platform, or it’s future.

We came to a decision prior to the Thanksgiving holiday to restructure and rebrand

This would turn the platform into Disko ( and allow us to elevate Gamactica to a true parent company, with a portfolio of brands, including Disko, under it.

Disko just makes sense as we go mainstream and continue development of our streaming side of Disko, and allows us to further develop Gamactica and hone in on it’s reputation as a viable marketing company and home for a number of well-known brands.

Gamactica will now live at – and Disko now takes over the Gamactica platform so that we can bring it to the next level.

Head over to Disko.Social to see all the re-branding efforts.

More to come!

– Anthony DiMoro
CEO Gamactica 

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